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Sport social: the sassy Fantasy Football kid and the hilarious gymnasticky dog

You HAVE to see the dog, it’s hilarious, also the little girl who slates her Fantasy Football date and a JK Rowling tweet sends a gymnast into raptures

Sport social: An emotional recovery & furious cyclists

This week we have a heartwarming return from a horrific injury, a wonderful proposal and the not so glamorous life of sports journos

Sport social: a tennis player rides a unicorn and the power of sport

Also, Usain Bolt’s godson has no time for the legend, sport presenter Dale Hansen goes viral and Prince Harry warms your heart.

Here come the boys: GB’s female-dominated gymnastics era has changed

What’s a boy doing in our gym, we thought, as a little fella entered our very female-oriented domain. Where can this possibly lead?

Social media round up: climbing gets real and Murray makes a racquet

This week climbing gets real, shocking issues, sensational photography and what happens when you’re out with your Parkour mate…

Social media round-up: sailing siesta & fab 40-yr-old gymnast

When you’re sailing round the world, you just gotta nap where you can and the best non pro gymnast you ever may see.

Triathletes feel no pain… until race end

The World Series triathletes appeared totally in control throughout the race as I photographed them at the London event – until they crossed the line…

Social media round-up: devastated surfers & a priceless reaction

This week, Hurricane Irma wreaks her wrath, a tennis player gets more than she bargained for and an English football club’s amazing response to a family’s tragedy in America

Travel: Hiking the Snowdon path less travelled

Stephen and his wife were keen to avoid the crowds while hiking up Snowdonia – so what did they think of their chosen route?

Social media round-up: party time & a surfing toddler

This week’s highlights include the athlete partying up a storm on her time off, a surfing toddler and the wrinkliest hands you ever will see.

By royal appointment: I chat to eventer Zara Phillips

I spoke to the Queen’s granddaughter and eventer ahead of the 2009 Burghley Horse Trials and found out which family member is desperate to beat her

Travel: Seven alternative takes on the classic Sydney must-dos

Sydney is a sport mad city but if you need to step away from the emotional rollercoaster that is sport life, where’s best to go to take in the classic sites?

Social media round up: a father’s love & wombats

This week’s highlights also include a Masters swimmer making an emotional point and the best reason ever for not updating a Twitter account.

A lads’ weekend to the Spa Grand Prix… and me

Camping out within a stroll away of a Grand Prix track – what’s not to like? The roar of a Formula One car engine at 7am, that’s what.

Travel: Five flat cities to cycle in Europe

If stopping at cafes, drinking in the views, and making like a sloth on a bike is your cup of tea, read on.