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Sport social: Stunning desert imagery & awesome parkour gym training

Ooh and ahh at the stunning photography over Colorado’s sand dunes and check out Farshad Biglari and pals while they train in their fab parkour gym.

Sport Social: One happy kid & cross-country chic

Could this kid BE any happier to be a tennis mascot? Also in this week’s Sport Social, romance, tragedy, sport fails, sport wins and everything in between.

Sport Social: A beautiful world and a penguin first 11

This week’s best of social media includes stunning ice climbing imagery, Serena Williams as Cinderella and the Antarctic penguins line up for a free kick.

Sport Social: Surfers do hump day and the brilliant kid dancing to her own tune

This week’s Sport Social includes a photo proving that hump day for surfers is different to the rest of us and the awesome kid who dances to her own tune.

10 times the world of sport was really kind #WorldKindnessDay

Kind people abound in the world of sport so I’ve highlighted 10 examples including awesome school kids and a wonderful skiing friendship based on one act of kindness.

Media: An insider’s guide on how to be a cricket journalist

Lizzy Ammon, aka Legside Lizzy, spoke to Sports Liberated about what it takes to be a cricket journalist and gives advice on how to make it

Sport Social: Surfers remember their friend and mind-blowing gymnastics

This week sees a poignant day for surfers, some sensational gymnastics moves and the best way for a sport manager to react to heartbreaking tragedies.

The world of sport does Halloween mwahahaha

Any idea which tennis player this is? Do you know which comic character Neymar dresses up as? And check out the young golf fan who impresses his hero.

Sport Social: Oman’s diving youngsters and Prince Harry’s not all that

A lovely gesture from a young football fan and a surfer who says losing his leg to a shark attack is the best thing that ever happened to him also make up this week’s best of sport social media

Sport social: a skier goes all Flashdance on us and a face-planting golfer

This week skier Lindsey Vonn ramps up winter Olympic training and fourth place is the worst for one golfer.

A pretty low bar: A female sports photographer on an appalling 1980s practice

Eileen Langsley tells me one grubby experience she had working in the male-dominated sports photography industry in the 1980s – makes for grim reading

Sport social: the sassy Fantasy Football kid and the hilarious gymnasticky dog

You HAVE to see the dog, it’s hilarious, also the little girl who slates her Fantasy Football date and a JK Rowling tweet sends a gymnast into raptures

Sport social: An emotional recovery & furious cyclists

This week we have a heartwarming return from a horrific injury, a wonderful proposal and the not so glamorous life of sports journos

Sport social: a tennis player rides a unicorn and the power of sport

Also, Usain Bolt’s godson has no time for the legend, sport presenter Dale Hansen goes viral and Prince Harry warms your heart.

Here come the boys: GB’s female-dominated gymnastics era has changed

What’s a boy doing in our gym, we thought, as a little fella entered our very female-oriented domain. Where can this possibly lead?