10 times the world of sport was really kind

With it being World Kindness Day today I thought I’d share some of my favourite feel-good moments from the world of sport, proving there’s plenty of kind people in the world.

1. When your team-mates have got your back.

guess who’s not going to school? ayy god bless the rain

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2. It wasn’t the cricket that brought the crowd and the teams together as Australia and New Zealand played each other in the 2011 World Cup but the response of Aussie captain Ricky Ponting. A catastrophic earthquake had decimated Christchurch, home to a number of Kiwi players and support staff, two days before the match.

“The most memorable moment took place in between the innings when the two teams joined in a group huddle, in which the Australia and New Zealand players stood side by side in a minute’s silence. This was instigated by (Australia captain Ricky) Ponting, who wanted to demonstrate that his side were all too aware of the heartache that the Kiwi players and their nation were experiencing.”

3. When you’re kind to people, you can have this sort of smile-inducing impact. JK Rowling sends a congratulatory tweet to newly crowned bespectacled gymnastics world champion, Morgan Hurd, a huge Harry Potter fan.

4. Rafael Nadal stops match to help this mother and daughter in distress.

5. When the opposing team offers help.
Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh offered to replace the missing cricket gear of Ireland’s Niall O’Brien, it has been revealed.
O’Brien’s gear, including six cricket bats, went missing after Ireland’s defeat to India on Sunday at the M Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore. O’Brien gave two bags to a member of ground staff following the game, but when he returned to the hotel he found that one of his bags was missing.

It is likely that O’Brien will be able to source new bats before Ireland’s clash with the West Indies in Mohali, but O’Brien revealed that Singh, one of India’s most high profile cricketers, had phoned him and offered to supply him with some of his own bats, a touching gesture that was not lost on O’Brien.

“I was really impressed that he should take the time and trouble to do that,” he said.

“I’ll likely get new bats in time anyway but it’s great to think someone in another team is looking out for you.”

Story via www.joe.ie

6. Kindness shines through at any age. This middle school kid takes on a kid with cerebral palsy.

7. When sportsmanship wins out.

8. I took these photos at the 2016 London Marathon. A spectator spotted that a blind runner had not managed to pick up their water bottle so this is what he did. #winning

9. Good kids again.

10. A heartening friendship built on kindness.

Philip Boit was Kenya’s first international skiier. He came last in the 10km classic at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics but waiting for him at the finish line was legend of the sport Norway’s Bjorn Daehlie, who’d put off going to the medal ceremony to greet the last competitor home. The two have now become friends with Boit even naming his first child after Bjorn. You’ve got to read the whole piece by Maddy Savage for BBC Sport – it’s wonderful.

Boit describes the crowd “going wild” when he eventually entered the stadium and says he can remember getting a sudden burst of energy.

“They were shouting ‘Kenya GO!, Philip GO!’ It was like I was winning a medal even though I was last.”

He finally crossed the finish line 20 minutes after Daehlie and was embraced by the Norwegian star.

“My coach had been telling me about him and I had seen him on the television and I couldn’t believe that he was the top guy and he was holding me,” he recalls.

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Author: Jo Gunston

Roving blogging superfan shares behind the scenes stories of her sports life and the best of those from like-minded souls.

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