Political turmoil doesn’t stop all-women Palestinian motor racing team

Marah Zahalka is from Jenin, a city in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, writes TedX Teen.

She spent her youth under curfew and tight military control during the second Palestinian uprising.

Because of the intense political situation, she knew it would take incredible determination to achieve her dreams.

Marah loves cars. When she was 17-years-old, a family friend took her to an autocross race and let her take his car for a spin around the track. From that moment, she was hooked!

She went on to become the youngest member of the Speed Sisters, the Middle East’s first all-women racecar driving team.

Today, Marah holds the title of “Fastest Woman in Palestine.” Learn more about her race against the odds in the award-winning documentary, Speed Sisters.

‘I watched as their disapproval of my participation turned into pride. I don’t think anything has ever moved me that much.’

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