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Another cracking week in the world of sport brought to you from the best of the week’s sport social media.

The fabulous result of England’s World Cup Cricket win. This from a former England men’s cricketer.

‘Don’t often?’ Not sure I’ve ever seen it. Fair play.

England women’s cricket + World Cup win = flying. England women’s football + World Cup semi finals = flying. England women’s rugby + World Cup winners… oh.

What the actual…

The lovely Tom Daley has celebratory hug with hubby after winning world diving champs in 10m platform.

British swimmer SMASHES it at world swimming champs. SMASHES IT I tell you.

Oh me too Gary, me too.

These two have history – can you tell? American King has been outspoken about Russian Efimova’s doping past

Just LOVE this write-up of an early women’s cricket match.

Romanian gymnast Catalina Ponor inspires next gen.

What. A. Photo. Love this.

Shark attack survivor and amputee Mike Coots (@mikecoots) isn’t afraid of sharks. When he was 18, Mike was attacked by a tiger shark while surfing off the coast of his hometown of Kilauea, on the Hawaiian island of Kauai’s north shore; it took Mike five weeks to recover from the near-fatal accident, which resulted in an amputated leg. “The hardest part wasn’t losing a limb,” says the photographer and still-avid surfer, who is outfitted with a carbon fiber prosthetic leg. “It was being out of the water.” Almost 20 years after the attack, Mike is more of a shark lover than ever, and he has devoted his life to being their advocate. “I love the beauty of them surviving mass extinctions,” he describes. “They’ve outlived dinosaurs. They’re older than trees. The entire Earth has been wiped out, species have completely disappeared, and sharks have existed and survived through that. I believe, strongly, that they’re here for a reason.” Photo by @mikecoots

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In case you were wondering about the difference between a coach and a personal trainer…

Sometimes you just gotta own it. ?

A cracking match is a cracking match, no matter the gender.

World’s best gymnast Simone Biles everyone. What a legend for sharing this hilarious clip.

Ha ha… those dry stone walls, man

2016 first ever Olympic gold-medal winning gymnast (twice, mind); 2017 get married. Max Whitlock’s good life.

This is what happens when two former mixed doubles Olympic silver medalists get together for a catch up.

Turns out there is an audience for women’s football, although now that Germany are out I suspect there might be fewer viewers…

Love, love, love these Dutch football fans.

A weather tweet – hooray (regular readers of Sports Liberated know weather tweets please me greatly, being English an’ all).

Yeah, bit late for a spoiler alert from me as I mentioned the result in tweet above, but you know, Germany lost.

More weather, same game! Yep, the pitch is fine to play on, yep it really is… oh.

This would be on My Sport Bucket List if a) I was a fan of small spaces and b) my ears didn’t hurt when I dive. So amazing, but happy to see adventure film-maker Lukasz Warzecha do it instead!

One of Britain’s greatest ever Olympians Sir Chris Hoy dishes out medal at the London Bike Ride while making a wise-crack about one of America’s greatest Olympians, superfish Michael Phelps.

Just one of the world’s best ever pole vaulters serenading a swan. As you were.

Great scenes in India as England women’s cricketers returned home after just missing out on World Cup final win.

Forever smiley Brit boxer Nicola Adams takes on Ride London with a rubbish mentor in six-time Olympic track cycling gold medalist Sir Chris Hoy.

Roger Federer takes his trophy wife on holiday.

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