The best, worst & ludicrous moments from Sochi 2014

Russian speed skater Olga Graf briefly forgets she’s naked under her suit.


It’s possible some people are starting to make up their own slopestyle terms.

“If he can’t get some sort of endorsement deal with a tumble dryer after that…”
BBC commentator Ed Leigh spins out after American Gus Kenworthy puts down a cracking somersault strewn run in the men’s ski slopestyle. Then following it with:
“I’d pay good money to be his rucksack.”

“My gran used to think I was a snowballer.”
BBC’s Tim Warwood about the early days of his slopestyle career.

“So many questions to be answered this morning. Will James Woods be able to ride through the pain barrier and get on to the podium? And how about Henrik Harlut for Sweden – will he find a belt for his pants in time for this final?”
BBC’s Hazel Irvine introduces the men’s slopestyle with tongue firmly in cheek.


“I skied a whole season with a torn ACL but it ended badly with me flying for 30m off a jump in Argentina and landing and my knee collapsing at 70mph,” says BBC commentator and former alpine skier Graham Bell.
“That sounds rather painful. I trod on an upturned plug in the dark once, that was pretty painful,” responds fellow commentator Tim Warwood.


“It looks like a mum phone call that.”
BBC commentator after Switzerland’s Dominique Gisin bursts into tears when speaking on the phone in the finish area of the women’s downhill having won joint gold with Tina Maze of Slovenia.

Ignoring the two countries that displayed no Olympic spirit whatsoever, a story of sportsmanship in the cross-country skiing event. The Germans arrived in Sochi with brand new skis that hadn’t even been treated but the ‘grinder’ they’d brought with them to shape the skis didn’t work. The Suisse refused to let the Germans borrow theirs as did the Austrians but the Russians stepped up giving the Germans 24 hours use of their machine.

“You don’t go to the zoo and see the sleeping lions you go to where the penguins are, where the action is.” 
Increasingly renowned BBC Sport commentator Tim Warwood commenting in his own inimitable style on the Sochi TV producer’s inability to cover all the action at once at the women’s ski cross event.

Ed Leigh, BBC Sport commentator: “Welcome to the board- and ski-cross track. Now, the initial plan when we thought about doing a guide for this was to come up and for Tim and I to take you down the course.”
Tim Warwood, BBC Sport commentator: “Yeah, put helmet cameras on, go thorugh the whoops and burns and give you guys a sense of what it’s like to be a rider on that course.”
Ed: “But then we came up and actually saw the course and it is so intimidating I want absolutely nothing to do with it.”
Tim: “Yeah, but we can take you on a gentle stroll down the side and show you exactly what it’s like.”

Sochi budget compared to Mars budget. #SochiProblems — Sochi Problems (@Sochi_Problemz) February 13, 2014

Just for the record… He he 🙂 — Shelley Rudman (@ShelleyRudman) February 13, 2014

Thankfully, injuries have been few and far between during the Sochi Winter Olympics, but extreme sports by their very nature will wreak damage. A track worker broke both legs when hit by a non-competition bobsled, a Russian ski jumper broke two ribs, and a Canadian slopestyler suffered a broken jaw when her  knee hit her in the face and a Brit freeskier spent a night in hospital after being knocked unconscious on the ski half pipe. However, it’s a Russian ski cross racer who has suffered the most, breaking her back in a training run with an immediate decision to operate taken due to the severity of the injury.

The father of British Olympic gold medalist, Lizzy Yarnold, finds his moustache the centre of attention alongside his daughter’s achievement.

Wow..what a day I am trending #clivesmoustache @TheYarnold @matthewcpinsent This is the real Clive Yarnold twitter account @BBCSport — Clive Yarnold (@BarngateFarmBnB) February 15, 2014

Someone below us in the skeleton catering area has just dropped about 50 plates. Not everyone with a tray was successful tonight. — Ollie Williams (@OllieW) February 14, 2014

@kristanbromley: Very proud of my fiancé @ShelleyRudman today. She is a legend in the sport. Just not her day today. — Kristan Bromley (@kristanbromley) February 14, 2014

Author: Jo Gunston

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