Social media round up: climbing gets real and Murray makes a racquet

Andy Murray has a novel way of testing his racquet strings 😳

Ahh romance

Us humans are funny creatures sometimes 😳

Recap of the last days in Flatanger. I had to give up on Exchange project (9b+?), as my left shoulder got really painful in one particular move. But no serious injury, it only hurt in that move. So I moved on into the second pitch of Thor's Hammer, which was bolted 6 years ago by @magmidt. I tried it once a few years back, but thought it was impossible. This time I found the sequence and made the FA (Thor's Hammer II 9a+ hard). 30m of climbing finishing just above the lip of the cave. 3 distinct boulderproblems with very tricky and reachy moves. Make a jumar start or think of it as two-pitch route. For the full link from the ground, I had no more time and endurance. That would be 50m TH 9a followed by 30m TH II 9a+. 80m at around 9b+. One more project to return for eventually. Pic by @bernardo_gimenez in Thor's Hammer II 9a+, the final crux on the lip of the cave. @climbflatanger @blackdiamond @montura_official @mytendon @lasportivagram

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Steven Gerrard is in no way influencing his young son to follow in his footsteps


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Just hanging out on a rock face…

Tom Daley steps away from the pool and gets involved in London Fashion Week

Jo Konta gets her glad rags on

Evening ready πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ’‹

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Aaron Wollin comes acropper while skateboarding

The National Lottery has had a huge impact on British sport

Good to see Olympic silver medalist Johnny Brownlee isn’t good at everything!

When Triathletes play golf….

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Awesome fun for this two-year-old

When your the coolest kid in your squad, and you're two. #gopro @kh6969 @kelleys_surf_school

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The pain of defeat

Usain Bolt is clearly struggling with retirement…


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Sir Mo looking out of depth

Enjoying every min of it..!!!#discoversoneva #sonevaresorts #maldives

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It doesn’t matter who you are, the devastating hurricanes affect everybody

Just love this photo from one of my favourite photographers

This is shocking and a real issue in America.


Yes, this will definitely be a recurring issue I’m sure.

Can you do this?

Love Billy. He only lost his legs a few months ago. What an attitude. πŸ‘

When you’re just walking along with your Parkour mate.

It’s a question we’re all asking Claudia!

UmmmπŸ€”…..who chalks there feet up like thatπŸ™ˆπŸ˜©πŸ˜‚

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Just tragic for the gymnastics community.

Jess Ennis-Hill has bambino number two.

Reggie meeting his beautiful baby sister 😊 Olivia Ennis-Hill, she was born Saturday night. We are all so in love with her πŸ’•

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Usually climbing pics are all sunny right? Here’s the truth.

Competitor goals

More social media round ups. I know!

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