Social media round-up: party time & a surfing toddler

This week’s social media round-up includes a Brit athlete partying hard in the off season, US athletes appreciating the work of the emergency services as Texas struggles under a deluge of water and a pro tennis player shows she is, in fact, human.

Ooh, I know, I know.

Any idea what this one wanted to do today? ??‍♀️

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The devastating floods in Texas have prompted local sports teams to dig deep.

This is all I’m saying on The Fight. (Yawn)

Not exactly accessible to all, that… What, is the court made of gold?

Oh my god, really? I thought we’d moved on from this. Read the thread though. One person CAN make a difference. ?

There is a sport for everyone, whatever your body shape.

No interest in the transfer deadline in the UK but this tickled me.

British athlete Laura Muir has taken to hanging out by the bins on her day off…

Now this is one for the Sport Bucket List. Lawrence Barretto is at the Italian Grand Prix, home of Ferrari.

Few races can match this atmosphere #tifosi #f1

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What happens when a GB Olympic gold-medal winning rower and GB short track speed skater get together? Have a giggle, that’s what.

Oooh, cracking photo.

US super gymnast Simone Biles continues to be an all-round nice person.

Just a toddler surfing around – no drama.

Brit athlete Asha Philip appears to be enjoying her time off…

Sir Mo Farah takes time to help those affected by the devastating Grenfell tower block fire in London.

You know when you follow adventuring types on Instagram and they mostly make it sound fun? Not GB rower Alex Gregory…

Netball getting in amongst the trending football stories, the day before transfer deadline day! (For non Brits, EVERYTHING revolves around transfer deadline day, EVERYTHING).

GB athlete James Ellington nearly died at the beginning of the year. He’s documenting his return to fitness.

Tennis players are actually human! Jo Konta suffers from jetlag like us mere mortals!

When jetlag is the enemy. #homesweethome #cansomeoneunpackmybagsforme

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Formula One driver Leiw Hamilton wrote a poem on the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. That is all.

Englands Rose The day we lost our Nations Rose Tears we cried like rivers flowed, The earth stood still As we laid her to rest, A day you & I Will never forget The people's princess Who came to see, The love from a Country We'd hope she'd lead, Englands beauty Captured in one sweet soul, Carried the torch God rest her soul, With the gift she had She'd light up the way, With a smile to show us a brighter day, Hearts still full of the love she gave, 20 years since she laid in her grave There will never be another like you, Now a shinning star in the midnight sky I will always remember you, Princess Diana As our sweet nations Rose🌹 By Lewis Hamilton #princessdiana #godblessyou #rip #20years #englandsrose 🎥 @paulripke 🎶 @vanmorrisonofficial Into the Mystic 🙌🏾

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When the arguably best tennis player ever warms-up for the US Open on public courts…

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The perils of being a partner to an athlete…

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