Sport Social: A beautiful world and a penguin first 11

This week’s Sport Social includes a reminder just how stunning our world is, Serena ‘Cinderella’ Williams contemplating her marriage this week and Lisa Young’s photo of South Georgia’s penguin football squad as they line up to take a free kick. Onwards…

When you’ve qualified for the World Cup and have just beaten Italy…

Former England cricketer and wildlife lover takes this super cute photo. That’s enough of a sport link to add a cute picture of baby lions in this bit, right?

I think this is my #1 photo I’ve ever taken. We spent a very long time with 14 lions. How amazing!

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See, there is good news out there. 👏👏

When you’re an adventurer…😕

Fair enough from the Keanester, it IS rude but blimey he’s scary about it.

When you beat your former flatmate and it’s a bit awks.


Multi-media skills also required when sailing round the world.

Bit of serenading  going on in the England Ashes camp.

Nice view for t’other England Ashes squad.

Not a bad front garden view that 👌🏽

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Yes, Barbie. Much more aspirational.

Cracking shot.

What a road from Somalia to knighthood. 👏🏻👏🏻

The penguins first XI

Breathtaking world.

One of the wettest leads of my life in front of the lens of @timkemple on a @thenorthface_climb trip earlier this year. This climb was inside a 'Moulin', a tube where surface water plunges into the inner depths of the glacier. ~ @pfaff_anna and I rappelled in and set a very cold belay from two ice-screws beneath the spray of the waterfall and just above a big pool below. I was up first up. As I left the belay and took my first few swings the water streaming down the ice also found its way down my ice tools and trickled down my sleeves. Yup, it was a pretty silly decision to climb so close to the water but the deep blue color and challenge of the slightly overhanging angle drew us in like the claws of Velociraptors to movie stars of Jurassic Park. ~ After 10 ice screws placements, I was pumped out of my mind. I let out of a few guttural screams as I tried to swing but my left arm kept deflecting off the ice, nearly dropping my tool. Then, trying to place my last screw I fumbled watched it fall 80 ft into the icy pool below (later retrieved by @bookofsamuel). I was a floppy overcooked noodle so just lowered down to relieve Anna from the waterfall belay. She finished it off in style in a downpour of freezing rain. Exciting little mini-adventure!~ @kbish801 @brandonjosephbaker @the_dunne @kakiorr @hansjoergauer @retro_outdoors #icelandicice #kodakcourage #InthespiritofOsman

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When a pro tennis player meets their icon.

Best. Day. Ever. It was so nice to meet you @vanmorrisonofficial thank you for having me! #fangirl

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Disability does not mean inability.

Yes, mate. When you can’t help but dance.

No excuses, folks.

Iceland football, punching way above their weight. 💪💪

Alpine skier tragically killed in training.

Also this week we sadly lose Jana Novotna, famed for the iconic moment crying on the Duchess’ shoulder on losing the Wimbledon final.

Sometimes it pays to miss your stop. We should do it more often.

They’ve only gone and done it! 👏🏻👏🏻

Looking for snow this season? Look no further than Whistler in Canada!

When you’ve found a tenner in the street…

Photo of @juliomorel94 and @scarguemez by @omarzrobles When photographer Omar Robles (@omarzrobles) thinks of Latin American culture, “solidarity” is the word that comes to mind. “We generally seek each other and try to help each other as much as we can,” says the New York City-based photographer, who is originally from Puerto Rico. Before he worked as a photographer, Omar studied mime in Europe under French actor Marcel Marceau. “You can create stories in photography without using words,” Omar notes, of the connection between his past and present pursuits. These days, he’s busy bringing visibility to another group of artists: ballet dancers. “Whenever people think of ballet and dance in general, hardly anyone thinks about Latin America. What’s interesting is that many of the major companies in the world have actually had principal dancers that are from Latin American countries. There is a strong tradition and there is a lot of talent,” he says. For a closer look at Omar’s dance photography series, check out our Instagram story.

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The whole set of the gymnastics arena from Rio 2016 has been rebuilt for a film about super gymnast Simone Biles!

Gymnasts make it look easy. But it’s not. Watch this, don’t worry, she only hurts her feelings…

Me at this point of the semester @flipnfly2

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Cinderella, Serena Williams’ stylee. The tennis great gets married.

Promoting the film #BattleoftheSexes are Pat Cash and Jo Konta.

This was all fun and games.. honest.. #BattleOfTheSexes #TheCourtIsYours

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Love, love, love Jessica. Just following her passion, no matter what.

Erm, a pillow speaker? A PILLOW SPEAKER? My other half hates cricket. It would drive him insane if I was listening to the cricket like this! 😂😂

Yes football fans, yes. Lovely gesture. #solidarity

Jess Ennis-Hill being put through her paces by her toddler son.


Stunning morning ☀️to try and get a bit of fitness back. Coach Reggie. @andyhill18 and Olivia couldn’t keep up 😜

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Too much for one family to bear – Climber Niels Tietze has died climbing in Yosemite, sadly following brothers Eric and Kyle in the past few years. 

Bulgarian tennis player thanks his girlfriend, one Nicole Scherzinger, after winning the first major trophy of his career.

Abdullah Karim’s mum rocks, non?

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