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‘Bone explosion’ as legendary Australian hurdler Sally Pearson takes a heavy fall

I hate seeing videos of people hurting themselves and will never put cringeworthy videos on here – this pic of Sally is bad enough – but I happened to see this fall and straight away knew it was horrendous. The Olympic champ will miss August’s world champs but hopes to be fit as a fiddle for Rio Olympics next year.

The Queen hands out various awards on her birthday and there was one particularly excitable recipient, doubles wheelchair legend Jordanne Whiley

Tragedy and strength at the European Gems in Baku

Members of the Austrian synchronised swimming team have been badly injured in Azerbaijan after being hit by a bus

The Azerbaijan women’s gymnasts received huge support from the crowd yesterday during the team competition, not just because they were the home team but because their coach 45-year-old Aleksandr Pravdina died suddenly just two months before the European Games began.

One of the team members who competed yesterday was Kristina Pravdina, Aleksandr’s daughter.

On a lighter note, the world’s biggest pop star appeared at the opening ceremony and went to great lengths not to let the secret out…

Two smashing photos

A former Olympic gold-medal winning gymnast puts some Twitter rumours straight

Row, row, row your boat… and have a chit chat while you’re at it

Adventurer Sarah Outen is currently on the last leg of a two year journey traversing the world using human power alone. Right now she’s rowing across the Atlantic Ocean and amusingly, chatting to other female rowers in other oceans while she’s doing so. The Coxless Crew, four British girls are currently rowing from mainland America to Hawaii and American Sonja Baumstein is going from Choshi in Japan to San Francisco…

Author: Jo Gunston

Roving blogging superfan shares behind the scenes stories of her sports life and the best of those from like-minded souls.

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