Sport Social: Surfers remember their friend and mind-blowing gymnastics

Well hello and welcome to another Sport Social. This week sees a poignant day for surfers as they remember fellow pro Andy Irons, some sensational gymnastics moves you won’t believe and the best way for a sport manager to react to worldwide tragedies. On we go, then.

Doesn’t matter if your dad’s a professional footballer, you gotta step up, kid, he’s not going to go easy on you.

Some people are utter numpties, non?


When your arms hurt from the climb and you can finally relax.

I just love that GB rower and hubby TV adventurer live by the river and can make you feel as if you live there with them! Beautiful pic.

British golfer introduces US golfer to a bit of Wu-Tang.

The US Winter Olympics team kit are super space age…

… very droll comment from former Brit skier making reference to the North Korea tensions.

Now that, folks, THAT is a ring! Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki gets engaged to her basketball playing boyfriend, David Lee.

I just cannot explain to non gymnastic fans how difficult this is. Mind blowing.

Brownlee triathletes have to push themselves even when they’re on holiday.

Yep, gymnasts are beasts.

When you think you see pro golfer Christina Kim at one of Disney’s golf courses…

… and you really do see pro golfer Christina Kim at a Disney course.

Never a bad thing when you use sport for peace. Super scenes.

Awesome! This kid goes to school dressed as Nadia ‘Perfect 10’ Comaneci for dress as a character from a book day.

Ouch. Lots of lovely people out there have offered to help Claire. There’s plenty of good people about.

Very much enjoying the Brit figure skaters Halloween costumes. More to see in the world of sport does Halloween.

Happy Halloween!! 😂🤓

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I’ll never get tired of middle distance runner Laura Muir and her double life as a vet. #workhard

Very confident he’s not going to ping off there, aintcha?

A quad spin on beam?? Blimey. And how happy is she at the end! #smashedit

Kelly Slater remembers fellow surfer Andy Irons with this cracking shot.

Anyone going to nip down and make the gin & tonics?


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Author: Jo Gunston

Roving blogging superfan shares behind the scenes stories of her sports life and the best of those from like-minded souls.

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