Two epic gymnastics fails… includes coach win

What’s unnerving in this clip is not the two narrowly averted head plants but that the Italian gymnast, Sara Beradinelli, has the composure to get back up and do the the same move again, with confidence that the coach will catch her.

I, however, totally get it. I used to be a gymnast and, unless you’re properly hurt, you get back up and try it again. See my Exhibit A below…

I was ‘fine’, as in ‘gymnast fine’. I just had a big old bleeding scrape down my back but nothing that was going to stop me from finishing the routine.

What bothers me more about Sara’s epic double fail is that the move she was attempting was clearly not ready to compete.

The coach finally agreed – a little late but let me tell you, it’s a rare occasion for your coach to crack before you do!

Author: Jo Gunston

Roving blogging superfan shares behind the scenes stories of her sports life and the best of those from like-minded souls.

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