Watch now: Beauties and the Bog

Documentary title Beauties and the Bog – Run the High Peak Marathon
What’s it about Four friends training to run a 40-mile country run at night in deepest darkest winter. Brrrrr
Type Short film
Length 9mins 29s
Featuring Ali Gover, Bodil Oushoorn, Libby Kerr and Lisa Trollope
Date online October 2016
Social @bogbeauties

“For me, the worst bit of training is shaking in the car afterwards and not being able to warm up,” says one of four women attempting the UK’s annual High Peak Marathon.

A forty-mile race, over uneven ground, at night, during the winter months – what’s not to like?

What I do like about this short video, which you can watch in full below for free, is that it’s very much not about the destination but the journey the four friends go on as they push themselves to the limit.

Cold toes certainly, but oh so much more.

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