Watch now: Imagination: Tom Wallisch (4mins 29s)

Title Imagination: Tom Wallisch
By The North Face / Dave Mossop
Length 4mins 29s

Parents’ mundane chatter on a school drop-off fades to background noise as a kid’s commute to school takes a more fantastical turn in this short film by director Dave Mossop.

In association with The North Face and the Sherpas Cinema the film location takes in Nelson, British Colombia.

Imagination features freestyle skier Tom Wallisch whose descent over fences, roofs and across roads through a small snow-covered town, runs in parallel with a bored school-bound kid fantasising about his dream slopestyle route in the back of the car.

Poignantly the short-film is based on an idea by the late legendary Canadian freestyle skier JP Auclair who died in avalanche alongside Swedish ski mountaineer Andreas Fransson on a remote peak in South America in 2014.

The video won Vimeo’s top action sport video of 2017 accolade and is one of a number of short adventure films showcasing across the UK from January 13 to May 19 2018 at the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.

Skater’s Paradise: On/Off, part of the Nowness series, was runner-up.

Imagination: Tom Wallisch from The North Face on Vimeo.

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