When a sport passion leads to a career path

‘I started running in 2005 at age 27 as a way to lose weight,’ says Jessica on her Etsy profile. “I registered for and ran my first 5k in early 2006. As they say, one thing led to another…

I have always been a creative person. In 2010 I was looking for a creative outlet and I decided to learn to make hand stamped silver charms for myself and a few of my running friends. I have been making charms for runners (and other athletes) around the world ever since!

Most weeks I run about 35 miles per week, but when training for a marathon or ultra that increases to 45-50. My goal for 2015 was to run 2,015 miles, I made it!

I tend to train for more than one race at a time. I just set a goal to bring down my half marathon time. My goal race for 2016 was the Transrockies Run, a 6 day point-to-point trail run from Buena Vista, CO to Beaver Creek, CO passing through Leadville and Vail.

My favorite race was hands down the Boston Marathon. The energy on the course is second to none. The people of Boston really understand what it takes to run a marathon. They line the course cheering for EVERYONE – no matter if you are an elite or a back of the packer, you are going to feel the love in Boston.


Bike – Custom Charm

My bucket race list is pretty full but I would like to run the Comrades Marathon in South Africa, the Reykjavik Marathon, a 50k through Zion and Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon.

My favorite post run treat really depends on the race, but I normally want something salty. And McDonald’s french fries are usually at the top of the list. If only McD’s served craft beer…

I prefer to train with a group for my longer runs. Running with a group allows you to check out mentally and just listen to the conversations of others. I have done 20 mile runs without saying a word, but have been entertained the entire way.

So many people tell me “I could never run as much as you!” When I hear that, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is “if you think I run a lot, you should see so-and-so, they’re nuts!”

There is always going to be someone who runs more than you, but we all started somewhere. Take it one step at a time, you never know where those steps will lead you.

Words of wisdom: Trust your training.

Favorite Quote: Not all who wander are lost – J. R. R. Tolkien

Author: Jo Gunston

Roving blogging superfan shares behind the scenes stories of her sports life and the best of those from like-minded souls.

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