Hi – I’m Jo Gunston


I’m Jo Gunston – roving sport superfan blogger at your service.

I travel with laptop under my arm wherever sport takes me, creating my own content and sharing funny, inspiring, embarrassing, poignant, heartbreaking, feel-good stories from the world of sport from around the web.

I won’t be sharing ‘funny’ videos showing people being badly injured, bullied or humiliated; I loathe anything to do with betting in sport (hypocrite caveat: I’m a fan of what the National Lottery has done for British sport ?); I won’t share cringeworthy lascivious content; that’s right, I said lascivious – I even spelt it right on my first try, I checked. But I do love the stylish, artsy stuff like the photography in ESPN Magazine’s The Body Issue.

Childhood days were spent training as an elite gymnast, I featured as a stuntwoman in a feature film, attended hundreds of sporting events, performed in the London 2012 opening ceremony, and worked for over 20 years in sport media.

Roles have been as diverse as sub editor at The Sunday Times Sport, editor of Women in Sport magazine, live blogging the 2016 Rio Olympics for Yahoo, iPad app creator for London-based Sport magazine and broadcast journalist at BBC Sport.

All my passion for sport and experience from working life, has gone into creating SportsLiberated.com, a hub for roving sport bloggers bringing you stories from behind the scenes from the world of sport.

So please join me and like-minded souls who view life through a sporting lens via our Sports Liberated hub.

More about me

I’m aware what it’s like to have an epic fail while competing (don’t worry, only a bruised ego to report).

I’m passionate/slightly unhinged when it comes to sport.

I volunteer at sports events.
On a two week Easter break from university I donned a shellsuit to volunteer at the World Gymnastics Championships in Birmingham. I loved that thing. Seriously, loved it.

I was a stuntperson in a film – an awful film but still.
Can you spot the seamless link between me and the actress in the straight-to-video Bull Dance (since re-named Forbidden Sun)? Genius

I’m a sports superfan, as confirmed by a former England football manager.
“You’re here on your own? Come here you nutter,” said former England manager Terry Venables when I bumped into him prior to England’s quarter-final match against hosts, Portugal at Euro 2004.

His comment was prompted after I told him I’d come out to support the team on my own, staying in the Algarve for two weeks – sunning myself, watching at least two games of football a day and taking three-hour coach trips to Lisbon to watch England play. What’s not to like?

I’ll seize any opportunity when it comes to sport.
Out for lunch with the family in London’s Covent Garden I seized on the opportunity to change a Formula 1 tyre despite wearing a posh frock.

A competition to change the tyre the quickest, I tried not to show disappointment at being teamed with an old fella and his grandson.


I’m not to be crossed where sport is concerned…
“You looked so innocent,” said a fellow fan who’d also waited seven hours in the heat for a re-sold ticket to the 2005 Australian Open men’s final.

I had been queuing patiently like a good English person until my fellow queue dweller told me ticket touts were buying up tickets but remaining at the front of the line for more.

I lost patience and took them on. Did I get in? What do you think? This is me, here – honest.

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Author: Jo Gunston

Roving blogging superfan shares behind the scenes stories of her sports life and the best of those from like-minded souls.

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