Sports Liberated curator and sport superfan, Jo Gunston

Sports liberated is a digital lifestyle online hub fronted by roving sport blogger Jo Gunston. The mobile-first platform houses four sections – Bite Size, Loafing Lounge, Entertainment and Jo Blogs.

Like-minded souls congregate here, kicking back in the Loafing Lounge to watch life-affirming documentaries or quirky original features and interviews.

Tea-break quickie Bite Size, encourages you to lose yourself in selected funny videos and the week’s best social media. Oh, and poems. Obviously poems.

Entertainment hosts Sports Liberated TV, where we curate feel-good, funny and fabulous playlists as well as creating our own innovative content too.

Sport Book Club and Sport Film Hub review the best (and worst – we’re pretty honest here) new releases while also recommending classics, with views swapped via our Facebook platform.

Sport Art Hub focuses on the best in sport photography, painting and crafts. Facebook and Twitter are our go-to platforms for sharing here.

Jo Blogs is where we find the irreverent, playful, sports mad Jo Gunston and her tales from behind the scenes of sporting life. The former elite gymnast has plenty to say via regular blog posts, often laced with sarcasm and humour.

Olympic Odyssey focuses on her favourite tournament, with London 2012 affording her the opportunity to take part in the opening ceremony.

Her Sport Bucket List is an ongoing adventure, HaveAGoJo sees her trying different sports and GoJo charts her various sport-related travels. The Sports Liberated Instagram account takes you along the way with her.

Our philosophy

Sports Liberated is independent, we love sport of all shapes and sizes, creed or colour and believe in the role of sport for good. We also think EVERYBODY has a story to tell and we want to hear it.

What we won’t do

– Want to see the most horrendous sport injuries of all time? No, us neither.
– Tap in? Tap out? Tap off, we say. Betting leaves us cold. Weirdly we prefer to just lose ourselves in the sport – not constantly look at a screen.
– We won’t show icky gratuitous images. Arty nudity, yes, lascivious creepoid oggling, no.

This Jo character. Who is she exactly?

Jo Gunston is a former elite gymnast, forever a sports fan and is a freelance sports milti-media content provider. What makes her a stand-out sport fan? You’ll wish you’d never asked… She introduces herself here.

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