What’s it like to… ride in a support car during a cycle race

An email came through at Sport magazine where I was working at the time. Would any of us like to ride in a support car for one leg of the 2011 Tour of Britain cycle race?

All eyes in the office turned to me. ‘Defo,’ say I.

I take a look at the schedule and pick the longest route with the thought that I’d make the make the most of the opportunity.

Which I did, but I have to confess it was a looooong day. I chose the Bury St Edmunds to Sandringham route, a mere 124 miles.

Following the cyclists at bicycle pace – a rapid bicycle pace but engine-less pace nevertheless – takes a while – I think it was five hours I spent in the car.

I took loads of photos, chatted to the driver about many an indiscretion over various cycle tours around the world that he’d worked at, and also chatted to the PR guy from the company who’d sent the email to the magazine in the first place who was sat in the back seat.

So follows are some of the photos from the day. I’d give you more of a heads up about the cyclists but quite honestly I had no idea what was happening.

At day’s end, the PR boys headed off in a car back to London, pretty much going past where I lived. Despite a spare seat they opted to drop me at a local train station where I sat alone for an hour waiting for a Sunday-schedule train.

Couldn’t help but think it would have been quicker by bike…

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Author: Jo Gunston

Roving blogging superfan shares behind the scenes stories of her sports life and the best of those from like-minded souls.

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