Social media round up: a father’s love & wombats

Anyone else thinking massive ice-cream headache…

My favourite retired decathlete/heptathlete couple (there’s only one but I do like them so…) enjoy the solar eclipse.

This skateboarding granny is such a dude – unless it’s a present for her granddaughter. Nah, let’s stick with skateboarding granny.

When you’re trying to get to know a new team-mate and she’s not having any of it. Asleep AND headphones.

When you double up as social media manager and player at your local football club.

Loving the ‘energy drink’ for the America Team Captain at the Solheim Cup… Must have worked, the US beat Europe soundly.

A cheeky snooze in the sun at the cricket for this fan turns less cheeky as he’s featured live on telly.

Very nicely done by Wolves’ big cheeses offering to buy drinks for local and opposing fans.

Fernando Alvarez ?. The Masters swimmer asked for one minute’s silence to remember the Barcelona attack victims. He was denied so he did this.

Andy Murray hangs out with bro – not sure if bro is that bothered.

Training for the world gymnastics championships takes it out of you as revealed by Romania’s Catalina Ponor…

#goodmorning #friday #mood #sleepy #sleepyhead ?

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As a former gymnast I totally subscribe to this Brit tennis player’s philosophy.

When in doubt, do a handstand ?

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Double Downies on t’telly.

?? #Doubledownies

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A good day for this husband and wife team is winning world championship bronze at badders.

A legendary surfer dude and daughter – lovely pic.

A fathers love. @lairdhamiltonsurf and sweet Brody Jo

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How to do a back flip on water… You’ll see.

hopefully editing this soon ?

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When you’re team-mates and climbers and do this sort of thing in your down time.

So this one is from April… so sue me (no don’t, please don’t). Jess Ennis-Hill is due soon with baby number two and the baby is in this picture so that is why I’m putting this tweet in this week’s pick… Lovely from her hubby Andy.

Love this pic from the National Geographic of kids leaping in the water in Cork, Ireland. Bet that water’s chilly…

Wombats in the snow in Australia. That is all.

Wonderful scenes as New Zealand win the Women’s Rugby World Cup… well, wonderful if you’re not an English fan that is…

Author: Jo Gunston

Roving blogging superfan shares behind the scenes stories of her sports life and the best of those from like-minded souls.

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