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Jess Ennis-Hill puts music and sport together to get families active.

How alpine skiers travel, apparently! Well, how Swiss Lara Gut does anyway.

Per gli zaini siamo a posto ✔️✔️ ? @head_ski #travellinglight #handluggage

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What. A. Match. England women win the Cricket World Cup.

Ouch. Even Rafa Nadal gets it wrong sometimes.

Team work makes the dream work.

Afghanistan Cricket playing at Lord’s. Wonderful scenes.

Imagine eating your brekkie and looking out the window in this Wimbledon neighbourhood.

Ha ha.

One of Tour de France favourites not such a favourite any more, sadly.

Hospital food. Bon appetit! Thanks for all the messages, much appreciated.

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Ballkids at Wimbledon are just the best methinks. Here’s why.

Back-to-back world taekwondo champ celebrates in style.

Another Tour de Francer bites the dust.

Aw, the Maxmeister got married. You know, Maxmeister – the gymnast who’s a two-time Olympic gold medalist. Yeah, that Max.

Looks a little slippy this tennis court…


There’s a battle royal going on over parkour and who ‘owns’ it.

Sometimes life gets in the way of sport…

All the feels for Jo Konta’s win through to Wimbledon semi finals.

Oh goodness. Not sure if I can watch this. It’s about all the Russia doping and the editor of BBC Sport says this.

We have the Mario Balotelli of the tennis world… (look it up!).

Well strike me down with a feather.

One likes comfort at the tennis don’t you know.


This was an ace moment but not sure his mate’s too happy!

Former gymnast mini Shawn Johnson East and her basketball-playing hubby Andrew #couplegoals

Big hoo hah over at Cricket Australia regarding player pay. Not getting sorted anytime soon.

Yes! A tweet about the weather. Well, I am British.

Roger Federer as a little boy…

? ?

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This is why tennis ladies love Sir Murrald.

Surfers banging on about their rubbish jobs again…

Jo Konta fever grips Wimbledon fans…

Make yourself comfy, Mister.

England women cricketers inspired by Jo Konta run.

En route to Derby, watching @jokonta91 at #Wimbledon

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Good news for sports fans, hopefully, as in hopefully we won’t have to pay so much to watch sport if governing bodies go for live streaming type options.

Agreed. Awesome.

Fab ad from Wimbers.

Mo’s family watching daddy on the big screen.

Le Tour continues, gaining new fans.

Jo Konta didn’t make the Wimbledon final but did some DIY instead!

On Saturdays we paint.

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Andy Murray is out of Wimbledon too and on his way for some R&R.


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The British summer does its bit for spectators at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone…

London 2012 gold medalist Greg Rutherford adds to his brood.

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